Cambodia's Private Security Industry Is Growing Fast

Cambodia's private security industry is growing at a fast pace. In fact, it has seen an unprecedented increase in the number of companies and employees. With tourism increasing and prices soaring, people are increasingly turning to private security services to stay safe.

Cambodia’s biggest private security company

Cambodia’s private security industry is growing fast. In fact, it is now the country’s second-largest private sector employer, after agriculture. The sector has seen rapid growth in recent years, as businesses and individuals increasingly feel the need for safety and protection. 

One of the country’s largest private security companies is called Arun Security. It was founded in 2009 and employs more than 1,000 security personnel. Arun Security is also one of Cambodia’s most successful businesses, with annual revenue of more than $30 million. 

Private security companies like Arun Security provide a valuable service to businesses and individuals in Cambodia. They help to ensure that everyone in the country is safe and protected from harm.

What is the private security industry in cambodia

Private security companies are a booming business in Cambodia, with many large and small firms vying for contracts from businesses and government agencies.     There is a lot of competition and the industry is growing fast, as security concerns increase in the region. 

The private security industry in Cambodia has been growing rapidly over the past few years. This is due to both increasing security concerns in the region, and the high demand for private security services from businesses and government agencies. In 2016, there were over 100 private security companies operating in Cambodia, employing a total of 2,000 personnel. This number is projected to grow to 3,500 by 2020.

The majority of private security companies in Cambodia are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They are generally well-funded and have a good knowledge of local conditions and customs. They are able to quickly deploy personnel and equipment when needed.

Large private security firms also operate in Cambodia. However, they account for a smaller share of the market than SMEs. These firms are better equipped and have more resources at their disposal. They tend to be more aggressive in bidding for contracts, resulting in higher prices being charged for services.

Private security companies in Cambodia face various

Security companies in cambodia

Cambodia is a country with a rich tradition of security and surveillance. Private security companies have been active in the country for many years and are now growing rapidly. The industry has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, and is expected to continue expanding in the future.

Foreign investors are currently the main drivers of this growth. Several large international firms have established operations in Cambodia, and are looking for reliable private security services to protect their assets. This has created opportunities for local companies to expand their businesses into new areas.

The sector is still relatively small, but it is growing fast. The government is aware of the importance of private security and is trying to support the industry by providing tax breaks and other incentives. There are also plans to create a national security training center to help bolster the skills of private security personnel.

Private security companies in Cambodia offer a wide range of services, including protection, surveillance, logistics, and training. They are able to offer a high level of service because they have access to state-of-the-art equipment and are well-trained in accordance with international standards.

Private sector growth of Cambodia’s private security industry

In Cambodia, the private sector is growing rapidly. The country has a population of around 16 million people and an annual GDP of $37 billion. This makes it one of the most prosperous countries in Southeast Asia. 

One reason for this is the growth of the private security industry. Cambodia’s private security industry is worth an estimated $1 billion. It employs around 26,000 people, and this figure is predicted to grow rapidly in the future. The main players in the Cambodian private security industry are international companies such as Kroll and Tiger Security International. These companies offer a full range of services, from protection to investigations. 

The growth of the Cambodian private security industry has had a positive impact on the country’s economy. It has created jobs and increased economic stability. Additionally, it has helped to improve security in Cambodia, which is a key priority for the government.


The Cambodian private security industry is growing quickly, as the country experiences an increase in crime. This growth has created opportunities for private security firms, which have been quick to take advantage of the situation. 

The growth of the private security industry has had a positive impact on the country’s economy. Private security companies have been able to create jobs and provide financial stability to their employees. They have also been able to improve public safety by combating crime and ensuring the safety of businesses and individuals. 

However, the rapid growth of the private security industry has also led to some problems. For example, there is a shortage of qualified personnel, which has caused some companies to hire inexperienced personnel. Additionally, the high cost of hiring security personnel has made it difficult for some people to access this type of service. 

Overall, the Cambodian private security industry is growing rapidly and has had a positive impact on the country’s economy and public safety. However, there are some limitations to this growth that need to be addressed in order to ensure continued success.

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